The Marshall Difference

  • When are Marshall ferrets available?

    Marshall Ferrets are available every week, all year long. They are shipped at 8-9 weeks of age to authorized pet dealers though out the United States and abroad. Before they leave our farm, they are given a final health check and plenty of food and water for the trip.

  • Are Marshall Ferrets neutered and de-scented?

    To avoid pet overpopulation and prevent health problems, every Marshall Ferret is neutered (spayed/castrated) and de-scented before being sent to authorized pet dealers. Two tattoo dots on the right ear identify that these procedures have been performed. By neutering our ferrets, problems that occur during normal mating season are avoided.

  • Are Marshall Ferrets vaccinated before being sent to the store?

    Every Marshall Ferret receives a canine distemper vaccination prior to shipment. We highly recommend additional vaccinations at 11 and 14 weeks of age and then annually. Rabies vaccinations are recommended after 12 weeks of age and then annually. It is extremely important to keep your ferret's vaccinations current, otherwise your ferret is susceptible to contracting serious illnesses, such as distemper or rabies. Click here for Marshall's Health and Vaccination Record.

  • What is the Marshall Guarantee?

    Marshall guarantees that your ferret is neutered and de-scented and free of congenital defects. Congenital defects are abnormalities that are present at birth and are not considered hereditary. The following are not covered by the Marshall Guarantee: colds, influenza, bacterial conditions, viruses, acquired diseases, growths, tumors, cancers or any condition caused by parasites or unknown loss. The guarantee is effective for one year from the date of purchase, only up to the purchase price. Your ferret must remain on Marshall Premium Ferret Diet to keep the guarantee valid.