Ferret Fun Facts!

Ferret Business, Minks, Weasels, Kits, Hobs, Jills

  • Ferrets, Minks and Weasels belong to the same family
  • Ferrets are not rodents
  • Ferrets sleep an average of 18-20 hours a day
  • Ferrets are the third most popular pet in the U.S.
  • The name ferret comes from the Latin "furonem" which means "thief"
  • A ferret develops their full personality in about 8 to 10 weeks
  • Baby ferrets open their eyes around 34 days of age
  • All kits are born pink and gain their color at 3 weeks of age
  • A jill can have 1 to 15 kits in a litter
  • Caesar used ferrets for hunting and Aristotle wrote about them
  • Stealing and hiding objects is part of their natural nesting instinct
  • Ferrets are often referred to as nature's clowns
  • A ferrets breeding season is from December to August
  • Male ferrets are called "Hobs"
  • Neutered male ferrets are called "Gibs"
  • Vasectomised males are "Hoblets"
  • Female ferrets are called "Jills"
  • Spayed females are "Sprites"
  • Ferrets less than one year old are called "Kits"
  • A family group of ferrets is a "Business"