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What will my ferret need when I take him/her home?

There is a multitude of products available for ferrets. Ferrets prefer soft, cushy items for maximum comfort. Because ferrets can be rough with cage accessories, high quality, durable products are important. The following checklist will provide you with information on what products are necessary to bring your ferret home. A high-quality food, such as Marshall […]

Manage pet odors in one easy step

Does your little pet stink up your home and its surroundings? Besides the obvious ways of reducing the smell like keeping the litter box clean, there’s an easier way to maintain daily odors.¬†GoodBye Odor¬†is a product that stops litter box odor before it starts. It’s made using a natural plant derivative that was created centuries […]

To costume or not to costume? That is the question.

How receptive are pets to wearing costumes? Let’s take a look at the top three most popular companion animals in America and how they measure up when it’s time to dress up. Dogs: Some dogs live for the limelight. They bask in attention and will proudly strut their stuff in the latest Halloween fashions. Many […]

Fuzzy fun time: safe and interactive toys for ferrets

  Ferret toys need not be complex. They’re fans of the classic empty box, paper grocery bags, as well as anything that crinkles or makes noise. Supervised playtime is recommended. Safe, interactive toys are a great way to satiate ferrets’ curiosity without worrying that they might injure themselves. Having a selection of toys is ideal, […]

It’s hip to clip–your ferret’s nails, that is.

All ferret owners should be familiar with clipping their pets’ nails. It’s not always the easiest task to accomplish, but it’s important, for the well-being of both you and your ferret. Clipping nails is a critical part of the grooming process that can’t be skipped. Your ferrets nails should be clipped at least once a […]