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Equine Pill Paste
    Equine Pill Paste
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    • Equine Pill Paste

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    Take the hassle out of giving your horse pills and capsules. Simply wrap their medicine in mint-flavored Pill Paste to turn it into a tasty treat! Horses love mint and seek it out in the wild. With a little Pill Paste, they'll never even know they're taking their medicine.

    Directions: Take a pinch the size of a grape and wrap the pill. Give to your horse.

    Ingredients/Materials: Flour blend (oat flour, barley flour, wheat flour), corn syrup, molasses, citric acid, rice bran, vegetable glycerin, corn syrup solids, salt, vegetable lecithin, vegetable oil, natural flavor, dried carrots, dried cranberries, sorbic acid, calcium propionate (to maintain freshness), and Rosemary extract.

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