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High Roller Fuzzy Dice
    High Roller Fuzzy Dice
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    • High Roller Fuzzy Dice

    • $6.00

      Shipping Weight: 0.71 pounds

    • Product Number: FP-366 UPC: 7.67E+11
      Date Available: N/A Master Case UPC: N/A
      Expiration Date: N/A Expires In: N/A
      Packaging Date: N/A MSDS Sheet: N/A

    The High Roller is a new and exciting cage accessory from Marshall Pet Products made for ferrets and other small animals. This fuzzy red fleece cube adds fun to any home. It has multiple holes for easy access and room enough to nap when playtime is over. Clips easily to most cages and can hold more than one ferret at a time.

    Ingredients/Materials: 100%Polyester, 100% Acrylic, 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton, FILLING: Polyurethane Foam

    Is Product Pegable:
    Available Colors/Styles:
    Dimensions Unit Pack Inner Pack Case Pack Pallet Layer Pallet*
    Units 1 ... 36 180 540
    Weight .64 lbs ... 25.7 lbs 130 lbs 390 lbs
    Length 11" ... 22.5" 48" 48"
    Width 7" ... 14" 40" 40"
    Height 3" ... 26.5" 26.5" 79.5"
    TIxHI ... ... ... ... 5x3