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Pet Solutions 8 oz.
    Pet Solutions 8 oz.
    Purchase Pet Solutions 8 oz.
    • Pet Solutions 8 oz.

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    • Product Number: APS-700 UPC: '766501307009
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    The Affordable Alternative for pet first-aid!

    Pet Solutions is an all natural, first aid support formula made with electrolyzed oxidizing water - the same effective ingredient that competitors use, but at a fraction of the cost! Electrolyzed oxidizing water has been proven to help pets wounds heal faster. Pet Solutions can treat a variety of common problems pets may face on a day-to-day basis including: minor cuts and scrapes, larger abrasions, hotspots, insect bites, skin irritation and more.

    Ingredients: Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water. For information about EO water click here

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