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180XT Stain, Odor & Pheromone Extractor

We Love this Product, we have used it in our pet store....that has carpets and it works!!!!

Paw's Natural - Richland, Alabama

Bandits™ Ferret Treats Peanut Butter

I have had my Marshall ferret for 6 - 7 years and before me my sister in law had her for over a year from a baby....very healthy and well ferret until she passed away today...would recommend these ferrets.

Justin Hogrefe - Bryan, Ohio

Premium Ferret Diet 4 lb

Dear Marshall brand, Just wanted to congratulate you for doing such a great job. I have a Marshall ferret that's just over a year and is honest quality for a pet. On top of that, she can't get enough of Marshall brand food! It's wonderful and so good for her! Keep up the good work!

Arianna D. - Paulsboro, New Jersey

Pill Paste – for Dogs, Bacon flavor

hey guys & gals. KV Vet supply just sent me a sample of your pill paste for dogs. WOW WOW WOW WOW THIS IS WONDERFUL. My Pom has to take 2-3 pills a day & is always a fight. We have been cooking REAL TURKEY for years. As this was the only way to get pills down our "iron maiden". Well NO LONGER. She loves your product. So I immediately called KV & ordered 2 large bags in the bacon flavor. Also gave samples out to friends with dogs & cats to help them with the "pill solution" Those pockets are a joke but your paste is the "cat's meow & the dog's woof" THIS IS A KEEPER. Also brought a sample to my vet, he needs to tell ALL his customers about the new miracle paste. THIS IS A TREASURE PASTE. Many thanks for sharing it. Wish you'd made is years ago, just think of all the turkey's I could have saved. !!! YAHOOOOOOO LYNN

Lynn C. - River Ridge, Louisiana