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5 Best Gift Ideas For Your Ferret

For many of us, our ferrets are family members, and there’s nothing we wouldn’t do for them. Whether you are shopping for your ferret or a family member with a ferret, you can’t go wrong with any of our top ten gifts for ferrets. They’re also perfect for holidays, birthdays and any other gift giving occasion!

1. Holiday Antlers

Deck out the fuzzies in festive Holiday Antlers and let them join in the reindeer games this season.



2. Bear Rug

Perfect for ferrets and small pets, your fuzzy will stay cozy in this multi-function Bear Rug. They can nap inside or play a game of hide-n-seek on this plush rug.

3. Santa Suit

A classic Santa Hat and collar will make it the best time of year this Christmas. It includes a collar and separate hat with elastic strap.

4. Pack-N-Go Backpack

This handy backpack serves two purposes; toting your pet and carrying your pet’s supplies. The main compartment is vented for optimal airflow. Zippered storage compartment holds pet’s food, waste bags, lead, and toys.




5.Pop-N-Play Ball Pit

Your ferret will love jumping in and out of holes and tunneling through colorful balls in this Ball Pit. Excellent for multiple ferrets and other small pets such as guinea pigs, rats, and chinchillas. Pair with our Super Thru-Way Tunnel for added fun.

Top 10 Reasons to Own a Ferret

We asked our fans to give us their number one reason to have a ferret for a pet, and we received over one-hundred answers. If you’ve ever wondered how it feels to have a ferret as part of your pet family, read below.

1. Companionship
2. Unconditional love ❤️
3. They’re smart and adorable
4. They like to snuggle
5. Endless entertainment
6. They always make me smile
7. So playful and funny
8. They make great apartment pets
9. They are quiet (unlike dogs)
10. Their lively spirit
11. Amazing personalities!

“Dooking” out the Summer Heat!

Now that the heat waves of summer are here, we thought we would give you a few tips to prevent heat stress or heatstroke in ferrets. Ferrets do not sweat like humans, therefore, cannot tolerate high temperatures.
Temperatures above 75 degrees Fahrenheit can cause health problems, within hours, and anything above 90 degrees can be fatal. Being exposed to high heat levels can cause heat-related stress and weaken their immune systems. To avoid heat-related stress, keep your ferret in an air-conditioned room out of direct sunlight and provide an adequate water supply to prevent dehydration.


Symptoms of heat-related stress in your ferret:

• Severe lethargy or wobbly on their feet
• Panting, shallow breathing
• Hot body with cool/cold paws
• Glassy eyes
If your ferret shows any of these symptoms, you can slowly cool down their bodies with a washcloth soaked in cool (not ice-cold) water so that it won’t shock your ferret with a drastic temperature change. Start with the paws and legs and move on to the rest of the body. Once your ferret becomes stabilized, you can safely transport your ferret to your veterinarian. Always take your ferret to your vet even though it seems okay. Ferrets may need additional treatment for dehydration and shock several hours after heat-related problems.
If you’re unsuccessful or don’t feel like you can handle the above methods, contact your veterinarian for professional advice.

Ferret Checklist

Chances are you spoil your ferret with extra love every day, so we thought we would take this opportunity to create a checklist to keep your ferret happy and healthy.

Cage Accessories.

You’ll need at least one of each when you take your ferret home.

• High Back Litter Pan

• Water Bottle

• Lock-On Crock for food

• Hammocks, Tubes and Sacks for sleeping

• Litter. Our litter is made from 100% recycled newspaper so there’s no dust or harsh chemicals

Toys, Toys, and more Toys!

• Hard, non-breakable toys like our plastic or plush bell toys

• Interactive toys that can double as a sleeping spot. See our new Bear Rug, Octo-Play and Pirate Hat

• Toys with Tunnels. Ferrets love to tunnel and that’s why our Super Thru-Way and Pop ‘N Play Ball Pit are big hits with all the ferrets

Healthy Diets and Treats.

Look for food with at least 38% protein

• Marshall Premium Ferret Diet

• Carnivore Plus. This diet is loaded with 40% meat protein

• Bandits® Treats. They come in four delicious flavors; Bacon, Chicken, Banana, and Peanut Butter. Don’t worry, it’s not real fruit, they’re only flavors added for variety

• Freeze Dried Treats. Made with 100% meat protein in Turkey, Rabbit and Duck

• Extreme Freeze Dried Treats. Marshall Salmon Chunks and Munchy Minnow are made with fresh whole animal protein to provide essential nutrition that every ferret wants.

Health Care.

• Ferret Lax Gel or Treats. You never know when they will accidentally ingest something they shouldn’t

• Furo-Vite Chews or Gel. These are so tasty your ferret won’t even know it’s getting its daily dose of vitamins

• Uncle Jim’s Duk Soup. For those times when your ferret is a little down, this formula will help boost their immune system and regulate their digestive system

Keep them clean and smelling fresh!

• GoodBye Odor. A few pumps a day in their food or water will reduce their odor from the inside out

• Shampoo. Look for gentle cleansing formulas like our foaming waterless shampoo

• Daily Spritz. Keep them clean in between shampoos!

This is certainly not a complete list, but it will give you an idea on what items to keep in stock.

The ferret shedding season is here, and we have a few tips for you to keep things moving along.

Like many domestic creatures, ferrets shed. They have two coats: an undercoat of soft, very dense fur that insulates them, as well as a topcoat of longer, thicker guard hairs that repel dirt and keep the ferret essentially waterproof. If you blow on your ferret, you will notice that the dark guard hairs will part so that you can see those light furs underneath. Most ferrets are white or cream in the undercoat and have markings in their outer layer, which gives them their distinguishing features, such as being sable or having a mask.

Ferrets shed two times per year, in the spring and the fall. Because they are very photosensitive, keep in mind that your particular ferret’s shedding behavior is affected by its exposure to light, so he might not shed at the same time as another ferret kept somewhere else.
During shedding, it’s a good idea to brush your ferret with a soft brush to help the process along. Bathing can also help, but too much bathing can dry the ferret’s skin and deplete natural oils, which can make shedding worse and increase odor when the oils return in full force.
Ferret Lax Soft Chews

The ferret’s body is well-equipped to deal with shedding and in an ideal world, the hair will move through the digestive system smoothly. However, it’s a good idea to use a supplement, such as our Ferret Lax Soft Chews or our Ferret Lax Gel.

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