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May 29, 2020

Hello Ferret Families –

We’ve been getting inundated with questions like…

“I haven’t been able to find a ferret in forever! Where can I get a ferret?”

We would like to address the situation.

It wasn’t long after the stay at home orders were put in place across the country that we saw an unprecedented uptick in interest in owning a ferret. With more time on their hands and stimulus checks arriving, people are clamoring to add ferrets to their family. Honestly, we couldn’t think of a better way to pass the time than bonding with a ferret!

We are firm believers it is a customer’s choice how they bring ferrets into their home. Every animal deserves love and we encourage you to adopt those that need forever homes if that is your choice.

With that being said, the demand for a pet ferret is at a historic high while our availability is at our traditional levels. While we adjusted our breeding calendar to accommodate a projected increase in demand from last year, the number of kits born does not meet the insane demand that we are seeing. This has caused a significant shortage and has the appearance that we have no ferrets, which is not the case.   

Our customer service department is overwhelmed with requests for specific sex and color patterns. While these types of requests are typically welcomed and fulfilled, at this time, we simply cannot fulfill any specific requests. On average we are receiving 300 a day!

As a responsible and ethical breeder, it would have been impossible to forecast and plan for this event we all have been affected by. The health and safety of all of our ferrets is our top priority. While we have safely adjusted our breeding practices to help bridge the current interest, this shortage will not resolve itself overnight. There is no rushing mother nature!

If you are looking to add a ferret to your family, please be patient.

We are working to keep the map on our website as updated as possible. Visit to search your zip code for retailers that carry ferrets. We encourage you to call them directly to check their inventory before you run out to get one. Many stores have waiting lists for when they arrive. And most stores are selling out within hours of the ferret’s arrival. Our suggestion is to get on your pet store’s waiting list so that the store knows what kind of demand the area has and your interest is recorded.

Thank you in advance for your understanding, patience and support as we all navigate through these times. Without you we would not only not have a business, but we would not have anyone to share our love for ferrets with. We will keep you updated as the situation continues to unfold and the demand continues to be fulfilled. As always, if there is anything we can do to make life with your ferret better, let us know! We love your ferrets almost as much as you do. 

– the Marshall Pet family


April 14, 2020

We hope that this message finds every one of our ferret families happy and healthy while we all do our very best to navigate through COVID-19. Throughout the current crisis, we have had an ongoing connection with the USDA, the CDC and the AVMA regarding the health of our pets and we would like to share the following with all of you.

From a corporate standpoint,
we are following all USDA and CDC guidelines that prevent the spread of this virus which includes:

  • Flexible scheduling with employees
  • Social distancing measures
  • No travel or in person vendor meetings
  • Frequent disinfecting and hand washing at the headquarters

Within our breeding facility, we are following the same strict protocol that we do every year during the influenza season which includes the mandatory use of masks, gloves and other PPE for all employees working directly with our ferrets.

As of the publication of this message, we have learned the following about COVID-19 and pets:

  • COVID-19 is largely a human to human disease
  • All information from the USDA, the CDC and the AVMA suggest there is no evidence of COVID-19 spreading from animals to humans.
  • There is little to no evidence of naturally occurring infections with ferrets or other pets
  • There have been very few reported cases of any pets infected with COVID-19 globally
  • Veterinarians across the globe are not seeing pets, including ferrets, naturally infected with COVID-19

It is best practice
to be vigilant about hand washing and disinfecting hygienic practices if you have a pet at home and are showing signs of COVID-19, Influenza or the common cold. We recommend washing and disinfecting your hands before and after handling your pets, their food and other common areas. When you are handling your pets, you should wear a mask to avoid giving anything to your pets. More frequent washing of their bedding, toys and bowls are recommended at this time as well and done so to sanitary levels — hot water cycle for the washer, high heat settings in the dryer and anything that can go in the dishwasher should.

The CDC and AVMA recommends if a pet owner is infected with COVID-19 they should keep their pets in their home with them and isolate other pets and people for 14 days. It is recommended the infected owner should avoid contact with their pets during this time and have others in their home care for their pet as they recover.

I hope that the above points are helpful and useful to ease the concern of COVID-19 threats to ferrets and your other pets. Below are a few links that you can use to stay updated on COVID-19 and your pets. We wish you, your families and above all your pet ferrets the very best through these difficult times and we all look forward to much brighter days ahead.

Peter Reid
President, Marshall Pet Products