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Make the grass greener this year!

To a fastidious landscaper, there’s nothing more unsightly than a lush green lawn marred with yellow spots announcing that a beloved dog has recently done his or her “duty.” And, unfortunately, as spring moves toward summer and the season shifts, these spots will become more and more prevalent. If you ask the average pet owner what causes these unsightly lawn blemishes, the answers you receive might be a mixed bag. Some may even say that the yellow spots are related to the yellow color of the urine. But the answer is much simpler: There’s nitrogen in urine, and just like nitrogen-rich fertilizer, if it’s too concentrated, it will kill whatever it’s applied to.

Some pet owners cope by saturating the spots where their pet “goes” with water, to dilute the nitrogen/ammonia and save the lawn. Again, just like fertilizer, these compounds are good for the lawn in small doses. But this method is only a long-term solution for those who don’t mind following their pet around with a water hose or watering can every time it’s time to “go.”

Most of us probably seek a simpler solution. Rather than dealing with the ammonia in the urine after the pet releases it, why not deal with it while it’s inside his body? It is possible, it is all-natural, and it is incredibly easy.

The ammonia that causes the yellow spots on the lawn comes from under-metabolized proteins. G-Whiz soft chews provide the dog’s system with ten amino acids needed to properly metabolize these proteins–which means no more yellow spots on the lawn.

It really is that easy. Thanks to an all-natural plant extract, G-Whiz makes pets’ urine friendly to grass and plants. It’s also available as a liquid supplement to be added to pets’ water daily.

G-Whiz can help keep grass green–and dog owners happy–all season long. As a side benefit, the product also helps neutralize odors and bad breath.