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“Dooking” out the Summer Heat!

Now that the heat waves of summer are here, we thought we would give you a few tips to prevent heat stress or heatstroke in ferrets. Ferrets do not sweat like humans, therefore, cannot tolerate high temperatures. Temperatures above 75 degrees Fahrenheit can cause health problems, within hours, and anything above 90 degrees can be […]

It’s National Ferret Day 2015!

Today, April 2nd, 2015, is National Ferret Day, which is officially defined as “A day to educate the public to respect this lively and intelligent companion animal — the domesticated ferret. This day is also a time to focus on such ferret issues as welfare, care, nutrition and responsible ownership. Annually April 2nd (in the […]

NYC’s failure to lift its ferret ban is nothing short of depressing.

Disappointing news for New York City ferret lovers rolled in earlier this week as the city’s Board of Health ruled to uphold the long-standing ban on owning ferrets as pets. Sadly, only 3 board members voted in favor, falling far short of the 6 votes needed to lift the ban. “[Ferrets] seem to be uniquely […]