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Does my baby ferret need special food?

Ferrets of all ages need to have Marshall Premium Ferret Diet and fresh water available at all times. It is important to sufficiently moisten the diet for young ferrets (6-11 weeks of age). • Mix three parts warm fresh water to one part Marshall Premium Ferret Diet (3:1 ratio). • Allow the mixture to sit […]

Do ferrets need supplements?

The short answer is yes. If you’re feeding your ferrets a protein-rich diet such as Marshall Premium Ferret Diet, they are getting a majority of the nutrients they need, but it’s always good to use a daily supplement for optimal health and well being. Supplements help maintain a shiny coat and prevent dry skin as […]

Bandits Ferret Treats

Ferret nutrition is the most important decision you’ll make for your ferret. As breeders of the best quality ferrets for over 60 years, Marshall knows a ferrets physiological and nutritional needs better than anyone else. Our ultimate goal is to provide the healthiest ferret nutrition available. Ferrets flip over the intense flavor of our Marshall […]

What kind of treats can I give my ferret?

We recommend treats that have little or no sugar and are protein-based. Safe and natural treats, such as Bandits treats are a great option and they come in different flavors to appeal to a wide range of tastes.

Why are cat foods not recommended?

A ferret’s digestive tract is much shorter than a cat’s, which results in rapid food passage. A cat’s digestion is approximately 5 hours, where a ferret’s is closer to 2 hours. Because of this, many cat foods don’t have ample time to break down in a ferrets system and valuable nutrients are lost. Ferrets require […]