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Why is Marshall Premium Ferret Diet the best for ferrets?

Marshall Premium Ferret Diet was developed by a team of veterinarians, nutritionists and experts at Marshall Farms who have been raising ferrets for over 70 years. Results of their definitive testing show that Marshall Premium has proven again and again to be the best food available for ferrets. Marshall Premium Ferret Diet is available in 22 oz. cartons, 4 lb. bags, 7 lb. bags, 18 lb. and 35 lb. feeder bags. Our Senior Formula is made specifically for older (4+ years) less active and overweight ferrets. Senior Formula contains 10% less fat and protein than our regular formula to meet the nutritional needs of less active or senior ferrets. See the “Products” section for more details on Marshall Premium Diet, Bandit Treats and more.

  • It is a proven diet. GENERATIONS (thousands) of Marshall Ferrets have been raised on this food. No other diet can make this claim.
  • Contains high levels of FRESH, meat-based protein (38%) for a ferrets active metabolism. It is balanced with a perfect level of natural fat (18%).
  • Unique low temperature, vacuum drying process protects essential amino acids and protein. Most other foods are damaged with high temperature processing thereby making supplementation necessary.
  • Marshall Premium contains natural meat flavors, with no added colors or flavoring.
  • Marshall Premium has no added fat on the pellet surface for consistent nutritional value throughout every food pellet.
  • Marshall Premium is nutritionally complete for all life stages, from kits to adults.
  • Fresh meat, low heat and slow processing allow all of the protein, carbohydrate and fat to present itself in a usable form for the ferret to digest easily and receive maximum nutritional value.