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Fuzzy fun time: safe and interactive toys for ferrets


Ferret toys need not be complex. They’re fans of the classic empty box, paper grocery bags, as well as anything that crinkles or makes noise. Supervised playtime is recommended.

Safe, interactive toys are a great way to satiate ferrets’ curiosity without worrying that they might injure themselves. Having a selection of toys is ideal, so you can rotate them in and out, and fuzzies are less likely to grow tired of them. Some toys, like our new Starfish, double as an interactive toy as well as a sleeping pod. Other toys that serve this dual purpose are the Bear Rug, Octo-Play and Igloo. It’s fun to see how many ferrets can fit inside each of these toys!

Other ferret favorites include:

  • The Pop-N-Play Ball Pit – ferrets love this because it satisfies their natural urge to dig.

Use these toys to keep your ferret happy.