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Upper Respiratory Infections and Influenza

Ferrets could develop upper respiratory infections and/or influenza that are related to stress and introduction to a new environment, both of which can be transmitted through human contact. If the ferret is sneezing, pay close attention to the color of mucus and check to see if its eyes are clear. Certain types of litter can cause sneezing. We recommend Marshall Recycled Newspaper Pellet Litter. If the discharge is yellow or green, treat with an antibiotic for the infection (we recommend Clavamox, Cefa-Drops or Baytril). Using Marshall Ferret Rx for congestion along with the antibiotic is an effective treatment. A very wet (soupy consistency) of Marshall Premium Ferret Diet should be given. Mixing in Marshall Furo-Vite high-calorie vitamin supplement is a great way to build up ferret health after stress experienced during shipping. Also make sure to keep the ferret hydrated by adding Pedialyte to the water.

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