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Green slime, or ECE as it is sometimes referred to, is still somewhat of a mystery. Much is still unknown about how the virus is spread. Any situation that brings ferrets together seems to have the potential for spread of the disease. It may also be transmitted by clothing or human contact. Aggressive treatment should begin at the first signs of green diarrhea.

Treat with Pedialyte and an antibiotic (we recommend Clavamox, Cefa-Drops or Baytril) to fight off any secondary infection. Feed a soft diet of moistened Marshall Premium Ferret Diet with chicken baby food, sometimes they have difficulty swallowing due to the formation of ulcers. A high-calorie vitamin supplement such as Marshall Furo-Vite or Ensure is recommended. For persistent diarrhea, or a very ill ferret, use Marshall’s Uncle Jim’s Duk Soup. Take away regular food and substitute Duk Soup. This may have to be force fed via a syringe (use enough water to create a soupy mixture). If the ferret is eating on its own mix the Duk Soup with water, Furo-Vite, Ensure and a little Marshall Premium Ferret Diet.

**In the absence of Uncle Jim’s Duk Soup, Pepcid AC is an effective treatment. Crush a 10 mg tablet and add 10 cc of water. Recommended dosage is .25 cc given 2-3 times a day.**

Keeping the ferret hydrated, feeding a soft food diet, and a high-calorie supplement are all very important.