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What vaccinations does my ferret need?

2.26.2023 Current Protocol on Vaccinations All Marshall ferrets are fully vaccinated for Distemper and need a rabies vaccine after 12 weeks of age. Prior to 2.26.2023 Every Marshall Ferret receives a canine distemper vaccination prior to shipment. We highly recommend additional vaccinations at 11 and 14 weeks of age and then annually. Rabies vaccinations are […]

Prolapsed Rectum

When ferrets experience a prolapsed rectum, one or two things generally cause it: There may not be enough water in their diet – the food should really be wet down (one part food to three parts water). We do not recommend feeding any cat food. Another reason is a bacterial or viral infection that will […]


Green slime, or ECE as it is sometimes referred to, is still somewhat of a mystery. Much is still unknown about how the virus is spread. Any situation that brings ferrets together seems to have the potential for spread of the disease. It may also be transmitted by clothing or human contact. Aggressive treatment should […]

Upper Respiratory Infections and Influenza

Ferrets could develop upper respiratory infections and/or influenza that are related to stress and introduction to a new environment, both of which can be transmitted through human contact. If the ferret is sneezing, pay close attention to the color of mucus and check to see if its eyes are clear. Certain types of litter can cause […]

Ferret Symptom Chart

Common Ferret Kit Illnesses and Their Symptoms